The most common concern gaming operators voice about promotions is "I've tried them before and they didn't work", or "I used one that worked for awhile, but then it lost impact". This is usually the result of games that are ineffective at entertaining the audience, promotion presenters that don't successfully engage or sell the promotion to the audience, or not taking the demographics of the audience into account when selecting gaming options or presentation tactics.

At Gobsmacked we take great care to work with you to ensure that none of these happen.

For a promotion to be successful, you need to find that perfect mix of Right Game, Right Voice, for the Right Audience. Not all of the games in our catalogue will work for every promotional event. They shouldn't. Your Monday day crowd can be different to your Friday night crowd, and depending on a number of demographic factors, they will respond differently to alternate types of promotions. In addition you might be operating with a specific intention for each of your promotions maybe you want to build up a night from scratch, or continue to boost an already successful evening, or perhaps bridge the success of one afternoon to another - all of which might necessitate unique budgeting and game selection strategies.

This is what Gobsmacked does.

We work closely with your establishment to streamline creative promotional solutions and tailor games that are best suited to your venue and desired clientele. Most importantly, we have the diversity and experience behind us to work with you in selecting games and presentation techniques to craft gaming promotions perfect for any of your many audiences.