Running a successful gaming promotion is more than just knowing how the game works and smiling as you operate. Presenters need to be able to entertain, and above all, engage the audience. Gobsmacked Certified Training understands this need, and this is why we offer our Certified Voice and Presentation Training, so that your staff can confidently and successfully deliver an outstanding gaming promotion.

Headed by Director Danielle Rayner, a Master of Ceremonies whose qualifications include a Bachelor of Education, a Certificate IV in Training and Assessment, and over ten years experience in corporate presentation speaking, Gobsmacked Certified Training offers your staff a professional voice and presentation training experience.

Our training sessions take into consideration the needs of each individual trainee and can be tailored for various group sizes and session timetables. Regardless of the format, each session delivers:

An excellent Master of Ceremonies with proven skills in teaching staff voice presentation and microphone technique.

On site training – we come to you at a time that is suitable for you and your staff.

Thorough, value for money, lessons that will make your promotions team one of the most entertaining in the business.

Completion certificates and awards for outstanding and most improved presenters.

Thorough feedback for trainees so that they can continue to work on the lessons presented outside of the sessions.